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Orion eSeries Xtreme

The Orion eSeries electric balance bikes are a cutting-edge range of e-bikes designed for kids. These bikes are equipped with an electric motor and battery, which provide a smooth and effortless ride. The electric assist system allows riders to control their speed and balance, making it easier for them to learn/develop their ride. They are built with high-quality materials and are designed to meet the highest safety standards, ensuring that kids can enjoy a safe and fun riding experience.

•12” Bikes 250 Watt Brushless Hub Motor, up to 4 Hour Run Time, Stride Start (stride to engage motor) on/off, 3 Modes (5mph, 7.5mph, 13mph)
•16” Bikes have a 36v 8Ah LiFePO4 Battery, Headlight, Tail light & Brake light, and up to 4 hr run time.
•20” Bikes 500 Watt Brushless Hub Motor, 48v 8Ah LiFePO4 Battery, and up to 4 hr run time.

Another safety feature we've added is the BCO (Brake switch Cut Out). Pull the brake lever and the motor cuts out.

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PUR-Speed Xtreme Line

When it comes to electric balance bikes, the PUR-Speed line of bicycles is not just another option.

They're THE option. Explore why Pῡr-Speed is a premier choice for parents and young thrill-seekers alike.

12" bikes have Extended Battery Life, a High-Torque Motor, and a Kid-Friendly Design.

16" bikes are equipped with a robust Geared 350w High Torque moto, a 48v/4.0Ah battery, and Spring Suspension Forks

20# bikes Feature a high-performance 25A controller, and a a high-capacity 48v/4.0Ah Li battery.

Check out the JDubs Accessories page for some epic, customizable options and upgrades.

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Stacyc Accessories

The eBike that started it all. We are proud to offer Stacyc accessories and add-on's to get your bike where you want it to be.

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eBike Accessories

Your rider is unique so why not make their bike? Customize your rider's bike with upgraded suspension and brake kits, graphic kits, pegs, ODI grips, BOX number plates and more!

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  • Efficiency

    Our collection of e-bikes feature hub motors, which are larger, quieter and more efficient. With Battery life capability more than double that of competitive brands, these hub motors have virtually no noise compared to the high-pitched whining you hear on chain drive motors. Instead, you get to hear the joy of your kid’s voice as they make a pass and the sounds of nature as you ride together.

  • Safety & Comfort

    With the widest range of speed settings in the industry, all bikes offer you full control to adjust as your child gets more comfortable riding. We are proud to partner with brands that grow with kids and feature 6 different speeds and built in safety features.

  • Reliability

    Our featured bikes offer high-quality disc brakes, with optional automatic power cut; Giving them faster stopping, but also the option to disconnect for experienced riders and racers. These awesome bike brands all come standard with high-grade Aluminum frames, aluminum wheels and High quality dirt bike tires.

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JDubs Racing is a proud, authorized dealer of ORION, Pur-Speed, XRT, ODI, Box, ASV, Strider, Vee Tire Co and all listed ebikes and components

Built For Families. Made For Competition.