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About Us - Ride The Journey

When we say "Ride The Journey" With us - we mean it! As a family who travels the world together chasing adventure we believe life is nothing but a fantastic, wholesome journey! 

Now racing, that's just built within us, but we are always looking for a thrilling ride. From the US to across Europe we've immersed ourselves in the world of racing - and on the home front - nothing beats a mindful, family ride. 

Instilling culture and confidence in our kids is a top priority and their safety always comes first. This next step in our journey with eBikes falls nothing short of checking ALL of those boxes - and more. As parents we are more than confident watching our aspiring riders on the trails and tracks with their bikes. Bike rides last longer, adventures go farther - and they do it all on their own. 

Have you ever said to yourself:

"Why is my kid struggling so much to get on 2 wheels?"

"How do I get my child into racing without jumping in to a 50cc? Are there options to prepare them first?"

"How can I build their stamina? Build their balance and overall confidence on 2 wheels?"

"We want to go on more bike rides, but we just can't go far until they're 'pooped'."

You are definitely not alone and ebikes are for kids of all ages, all experience levels, and all passions. They make bike rides even more fun and they can make racing even more competitive. Ultimately it is up to us, as parents, to keep them safe. To teach them proper technique, to ENFORCE WEARING PROPER RIDING PROTECTION (we stress this, because even in the backyard, a fall - a head knock - can become serious quickly no matter what your "vehicle" of choice may be) and it's one of the aspects we support with the products we offer. 

We love waking up on beautiful days saying, "Who wants to go for a bike ride?!" and watching them on the trails, laughing, being independent and just enjoying the precious moments we know can flee quickly. And on the track, we're engulfed even more cheering them on, running along side the tracks telling them to "open it up!" or "take the inside!" No matter which scenario we are brought to, it brings us together - making memories with them.

So yep - we mean it - RIDE THE JOURNEY. Ride it - each moment - each journey. And we hope to see you along the way!

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