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Orion RXB eForce 16" 350W - DISCONTINUED

Orion RXB eForce 16" 350W - DISCONTINUED

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Our most popular model. Why settle for less power and loud motors. Experience the performance and smoothness of the 350 Watt brushless (whisper quiet) motor and feel the difference in Hub drive versus chain drive. Matched with a HO 36 volt battery, changing batteries every 20 minutes is a thing of the past. 2 hour average run time means you don't have to lug around extra batteries and your kid gets to enjoy their bike longer without you needing to spend hundreds of extra dollars on batteries. Kick Start equipped and ready to engage, the Orion RXBE 16” is the perfect "package" as they continue to develop their riding skills.

Little Dude and Dudette rippers are made of all shapes and sizes and our pro bike won't stop any of them from having fun. Ready for riders ages 4 and up and a Max load 165 lbs it’s easy to customize the speed and control as they get more comfortable. They won’t get enough of this race ready bike, even if they’re just racing you down the block. Together there’s bound to be an adventure.

Whether on the track or a family bike ride, you won't be chasing batteries here.

(Proper safety equipment, including a helmet, should always be worn while riding)

  • Motor power: 350W

  •  Battery: Li 36V 5A-5c 

  •  Controller: 20A

  •  Wheel size: 16"

  •  Foot Pegs: Beginner and MC Style Included

  •  Max running time: 3 hours

  • Max speed: 18-20 mph

Full Specs Listed In Dropdown Below


Some photos picture customizable Anodized parts - You can find these as Add-ons on the accessories page


 *Modifications to bikes are subject to void any or all manufacture warranties.
**All children should always wear a helmet and safety pads when operating any electric bike. Always use caution when riding and advancing through speed setting. Injury or even death may occur.  
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Speed limits (6 settings)

Parental controls

Disk brake with power cut

6 larger, 20AMP MOSFET transistors


Kick start Mode

TDR (Throttle Delay Reaction)

BCO (Brake switch Cut Out)


Battery life (2-3 Hours - Double Competition)

Refined Throttle Control

Gravity Centered, Adjustable Seat

MODES: KSM, 50% power, Race (100% power, 3rd speed, 20 AMP’s)


Turn off power cut

Add footpegs

Higher top speeds

Full Specs

Item No.XRT Pro

Motor power:300W

Motor type:GEARED

Battery:Li 36V 5A-5c 

Charger:High Quality 2A


Frame tube rear:Extended 30mm for 36v batt

Wheel size:16"


Brake:Rear disc

Foot Pegs:Beginner and MC Style Included


Max load:165 lbs

Max running time:3.0 hours

Max speed:19 mph

Charge time:3-4 hours

Start mode:kick or twist-n-go

Speed mode:6 speed

Net weight:28.6 lbs

Gross weight:34.4 lbslbs

Gross weight:34.4 lbs

20AMP Controller

Our controller is programed for ALL ages and riding skill levels.

That means you only have to buy 1 bike that they can ride from beginner to pro racer.

Most controllers only put out 12-15A, have 3 MOSSFET transistors, zero safety features and 2 speeds. We went the extra mile and made our controllers with 6 larger, 20AMP MOSFET transistors. Yes it is over kill but we don’t have controllers blowing up or overheating. That equals happy child and happy parent.

We built in many safety features like:

KSM (Kick Start Mode) Bike must be pushed for the motor to engage. Disconnect the Red connector to take the bike out of KSM mode.

BCO (Brake switch Cut Out) Pull the brake lever and the motor cuts out. This feature can be disconnected for racing or doing wheelies.

TDR (Throttle Delay Reaction) 2 sec delay after the throttle is twisted so the bike does not take off to fast (speeds 1 and 2 only, speed 3 has zero delay)

50% power (all bikes are shipped with 50% power) disconnect the blk/wht wire for full power. 3 speed switch (6 different speeds-3 at 50% and 3 at full power). 16in bikes are shipped with 50% power and 1st speed- a slow trot.

Modes: KSM, 50% power, Race (100% power, 3rd speed, 20 AMP’s)

Hub Motor

Motor power:300W

Motor type:GEARED

XRT electric balance bike hub motors are quieter and more efficient than other electric balance bikes. Battery life on the XRT moto bike is more than double competitive Electric balance bikes.

The 16in bike has a 250W GEARED motor. Geared motors have more torque than direct drive motors which helps with holes shots, wheelies and steep hills. There is virtually no noise.

Wheels & Tires

Wheel size:16"

Tire: Knobby

Brake: Rear disc

Disk brake with power cut

Aluminum Wheels

Aluminum wheels are more durable and can handle more weight, higher jumps, and all around kid abuse. If you want a bike that will last for many years, choose the one with aluminum wheels.


No expense spared here. High quality dirt bike tires made with over 30% natural rubber. If you are doing 360’s, skids, burn-outs, racing, snow, mud, weeds or any other condition our tires can handle the abuse.

Disk Brakes

Disc brakes give you stronger stopping power, shorter stopping distance, better heat dissipation and better overall performance.


Standard features on all bikes are...5.2Ah battery, MC foot pegs, MC grips, Sealed handle bar stem bearings, CNC Black handle bar stems, Quick adjust seat levers, Kick Stand, disc brakes, 7 choices of colors. White, black, or orange frames...

*Bike frames may come in two variations, a straight frame or bent frame, which may slightly differ from the bike pictured. Graphics kits include frame stickers. Additional colored accessories for the stem, riser, and foot pegs will be available soon, these components come in standard black.

Cost Effective Upgrades

All bikes are fully up-gradable. You can add many BMX, Mountain bike, or Motorcycle parts such as Hydraulic brakes, aluminum brake levers, 160mm Aluminum brake disc, CNC stems, Motorcycle foot pegs, anodized aluminum bling parts, Carbon Fiber handle bars, Motorcycle grips (some pics are shown with a few of these features).

All 12in bikes can be up-graded to the 16in by simply changing the front wheel, forks and rear hub motor.

16in bikes can be up-graded to 36v by simply changing the battery.



High grade 6061 T6 Aluminum frames can withstand over 250lbs, high jumps, drops from 2 story buildings, eager parents who want to ride, and all around kid abuse.


All seats have a convenient grab handle to assist when training the child.

Custom Add-Ons

Reflected in some of the featured photos you can go even further with the look of your bike with these sleek, customizable features.

  • Quality + Passion

    XRT started with family and built high standard features around that. Budget friendly and built for ALL ages and riding skill levels.

  • Shipping

    We offer FREE shipping on all bike orders in the continental USA. (Contact us if other shipping options are needed)

  • Safety

    As the the only bike in the industry to offer a safety feature like KSM our bikes were built analyzing every aspect of child auto-reactives. Adding features like BCO & TDR creates parent and kid confidence.

  • Environmentally Conscious

    E-bikes are a powerful tool for lowering carbon emissions. Some E-bike purchases are eligible for a refundable tax credit of 30%.

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